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Information Accuracy
KDFJ Enterprises (Trading As Zoroastrian Culture Shop) ensures that information on this website is complete and accurate. There might be information which is at times inaccurate and incomplete. The sizes, products offered, descriptions and prices might change at any time, without notice.

Terms of Sales
Religious products on this website are purchased by Zoroastrians only. We request you to complete all fields during purchases for better service delivery and receiving products in a timely manner. We are passionate about providing quality religious products made by trusted Zoroastrians. Maintaining the quality of Zoroastrian religious products such as Sudrehs and Kustis may depend on the method, frequency of washing and how the products are taken care of. Kustis might shrink over time with frequent washing. Please do not make any purchases with Debit or Credit Cards with the Iranian Rial and other currencies which are not supported by Stripe or New Zealand Banks. Transactions from non- supported currencies will not be accepted. We understand that this is not a favourable outcome and is beyond the control of KDFJ Enterprises. KDFJ Enterprises will follow guidelines from Stripe and Financial Institutions for International Debit and Credit Cards. Permission will be sought where customers and stakeholders purchasing Zoroastrian religious products using an International Debit or Credit Card and are based in countries that Stripe does not support local currencies. In this instance, we request an email is sent to support@zorastriancs.com or complete a Feedback Form on our website before any purchases are made. Further information about this can be viewed in the Payment Terms section below. Stripe is the payment gateway provider for KDFJ Enterprises. Stripe have a list of countries on their website showing the supported currencies. More information about this can be found in the Payment Terms section below.

Out of Stock
New stock may take between 4-6 weeks to arrive at the intended destination. This gives our suppliers time to make Zoroastrian religious products whilst taking international shipping into consideration. All bulk orders must be sent by email to support@zoroastriancs.com or complete a Feedback Form. Discounts can be provided for bulk orders and is based on the quantity of Zoroastrian religious products ordered.

Refunds and Product Returns
KDFJ Enterprises will endeavour to manage product returns and refunds in good faith with customers and stakeholders. The sizes of the Sudrehs, Kustis and other Zoroastrian religious products are shown on the Products Page of our website. The length of the Kusti might be slightly longer than the Gaj sizing for a comfortable fit. People prefer different sizes of Zoroastrian religious products such as Sudrehs and Kustis. Please select the appropriate sizes when purchasing from our website. An email to support@zorastriancs.com or a Feedback Form is to be completed if there are sizes not listed on our website. If feasible, KDFJ Enterprises will endeavour to fulfill purchases for the sizes not listed on this website. This depends on the quantity of Zoroastrian religious products ordered. Product returns or refunds is not accepted based on size only. Sudrehs are made from Mulmul which is a thin material. Wet Sudrehs caused by perspiration can be torn when being removed from the body. There will be no remedies in such instances when there is general wear and tear happening over time. It is the customer’s responsibility to take care of Zoroastrian religious products purchased. Sudrehs and Kustis are to be worn like how our priests showed in our Navjote ceremonies.
Enquiries relating to products received can be sent by email to support@zoroastriancs.com and complete a Feedback Form. A clear description with photos must be included for a prompt resolution.

Remedies can be provided for the following, subject to due diligence: 

  • Received damaged goods;
  • Received incorrect products or sizes
  • Products lost in transitCourier charges will apply to customers when products are returned to Auckland, New Zealand for an assessment. Customers and stakeholders must make their own courier arrangements and inform KDFJ Enterprises when the package is sent. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, please let us know as soon as possible. A fair assessment of the products will be done and KDFJ Enterprises aims to provide effective solutions. Refunds will be sent to the nominated Debit or Credit Cards for currencies supported by Stripe. The time taken for refunds depends on the customers and stakeholders Financial Institutions.

Payment Terms
KDFJ Enterprises accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. This includes Debit and CreditCards. Stripe is the online payment processing company for KDFJ Enterprises. Full payments for all orders are to be made on the website before products are packaged and shipped to the intended destinations. The list of supported currencies for Stripe is found here. Please note the Irani Rial is not a supported currency for Stripe. Please do not attempt to make purchases with a Debit Card or Credit Card in Irani Rial. The list can be updated at any time by Stripe. KDFJ Enterprises are not involved with Stripe’s policies, operations and its affiliated partners. KDFJ Enterprises is not GST registered. However, this can be subject to change in the future. Exchange rates can be applied by the customers and stakeholders Financial Institutions. This foreign exchange rate is applied in addition to the product prices and shipping. Please consult your Financial Institution about foreign exchange rates and other applicable fees.

KDFJ Enterprises reserves the right to assess validity of all transactions made by customers and stakeholders. This will ensure our compliance with Stripe and other Financial Institutions policies. If KDFJ Enterprises detects any suspicious activity such as fraudulent transactions, we will contact customers and stakeholders to find out more information. Please complete all information requested at the Checkout accurately for us to make contact in a timely manner. The order fulfilment process is subject to assessments regarding validity of the sources of payments. We will collaborate with Stripe and Financial Institutions to obtain all necessary information to validate authenticity of payments.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is an organisation responsible for maintaining data security standards and resources for safe payments worldwide. Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 service provider which is the highest level of certification available in the payments industry. KDFJ Enterprises accepts payments by using one of Stripe’s recommended payment integrations. Our website has https which stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure” to ensure greater protection for our customers and stakeholders. All subsequent orders made on our website will require customers and stakeholders to always enter their payment card details. KDFJ Enterprises does not store or have access to customers and stakeholders’ payment card details. Stripe has an Attestation of Compliance from PCI DSS. Stripe has given KDFJ Enterprises authorisation to share the Attestation of Compliance for our customers and stakeholders. Upon request, this will be sent by email.

Duties and Taxes
Customers and stakeholders are liable for paying duties, taxes and handling fees to their relevant regulatory bodies. KDFJ Enterprises will not compensate customers and stakeholders for duties and taxes incurred. Please consult your regulatory bodies for the duties, taxes and handling fees that are applicable to your location.

Shipping and Delivery
KDFJ Enterprises offers door-to-door deliveries worldwide. It might take between 10-14 working days for Zoroastrian religious products to arrive. Orders will predominantly be sent from Auckland, New Zealand. This is also dependent on the customer’s intended destinations. Please provide exact physical address with City, Post Code and Country details to ensure that there are no delays inshipping. KDFJ Enterprises will have a consistent courier charge for all customers and we reserve the right to make changes to our pricing at any time. Local carrier handling fees may apply in your location. KDFJ Enterprises will not compensate customers and stakeholders for handling fees incurred. The packages will be sent by untracked courier. This could be subject to change. KDFJ Enterprises has attempted to reduce costs while maintaining quality products delivered in a timely manner. KDFJ Enterprises will collaborate with NZ Courier Company after the delivery timeframes to locate the packages. Products sent for an assessment by your preferred Courier Company is the customer’s and stakeholder’s responsibility. KDFJ Enterprises will assist when products are misplaced in transit from New Zealand to the customers’ intended destinations. Please email support@zoroastriancs.com or complete a Feedback Form for any shipping queries.

Disclaimer of Liability
KDFJ Enterprises will request customers for additional information to deliver effective solutions promptly. We will ensure premium quality products are shipped within the delivery timeframe. KDFJ Enterprises will evaluate whether replacement products are provided when customers do not receive their orders. KDFJ Enterprises will determine whether replacement products are provided based on the information received by the New Zealand Courier Company. If the products are misplaced by the New Zealand Courier Company, replacements will be provided. It is the customer’s and stakeholder’s responsibility when packages arrive at the intended destinations and are misplaced.

KDFJ Enterprise’s top priority is the well-being of our customers, suppliers, staff members of Courier companies and families. The safety of our people throughout the order fulfilment process is paramount. KDFJ Enterprises is working with reputable delivery companies who are taking extra measures to protect people. You can refer to our COVID-19 Safety page for our customers and stakeholders to safeguard themselves and their families. The strategies provided are there for the Health & Safety of everyone involved. Our customers and stakeholders must not be negligent. KDFJ Enterprises is committed to working with our Delivery Providers, Regulatory Bodies and Health Officials guidelines to keep updated with the evolving nature of the pandemic globally.

The following strategies must be followed when receiving your orders: 

  • Maintain social distancing with the relevant courier representatives during delivery.
  • Wear gloves and a mask when opening your orders.
  • Discard and dispose the external packaging when your orders arrive.
  • Discard and dispose the internal packaging when your orders arrive.
  • Dispose your gloves and wash your hands with hot soapy water after unpacking your orders.
  • The use of wet wipes for sanitation is to be used on certain products only.
  • All products that can be washed is to be done before first use.
  • Exercise good hygiene practices.

The COVID-19 pandemic is beyond the control of KDFJ Enterprises. KDFJ Enterprises does not accept liability in the event of a COVID-19 transmission risk from orders received.

Damaged Packaging
KDFJ Enterprises will package Zoroastrian religious products to reduce damages during shipping. Photos showing damaged packages are to be sent to support@zoroastriancs.com. This provides us with valuable feedback to find alternative packaging methods. Damages to packages will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Only minor damages to packages will not constitute for a replacement. KDFJ Enterprises will replace products when damages to the packaging and products occur.

KDFJ Enterprises are not responsible for the following:

  • Wear and tear over time.
  • Excessive washing of Sudrehs and Kustis causing shrinkage
  • Packages sent by customers lost in transit by their preferred Courier companies.

External Links
Information from third-party sources are included on this website for reference purposes. KDFJ Enterprises does not have any control of information provided by third-party sources. KDFJ Enterprises is not responsible for information published on third-party websites. There are no endorsements by KDFJ Enterprises of any information shown, edited and deleted on third-party websites. If you have any queries, we request customers and stakeholders to contact the third-party content providers directly. Accessibility of third-party websites is at the customer’s and stakeholder’s own risk.

Intellectual Property
All content displayed on this website including the brand logo, graphics, buttons, icons, headers is the property of KDFJ Enterprises. Information on this website is not to be used directly or indirectly without the express prior consent of KDFJ Enterprises. This includes the adequate usage for a positive purpose or manipulated to discredit KDFJ Enterprises. Consent will only be provided in writing and is dependent on the objectives from people or entities.

Promotions and Marketing
KDFJ Enterprises will have promotions at various times of the year. These promotions might happen during Zoroastrian festivals such as Nowruz or Persian New Year. Promotions will be advertised on our website and Social Media pages. KDFJ Enterprises is committed for the upliftment of our global Zoroastrian community. We want to assist local and international charitable organisations. Please contact us on support@zoroastriancs.com for more information as we are dedicated to participate in enriching the lives of people. The Intellectual Property section confirms that KDFJ Enterprises brand and logo are not to be used by any person or entity without our express written consent. For additional information, please email support@zoroastriancs.com. KDFJ Enterprises appreciate your support by subscribing on our Social Media pages. Subscribing to KDFJ Enterprises Social Media pages is voluntary.

Acceptable Use
Customers and stakeholders must accept these Terms and Conditions. Compliance with Terms and Conditions is important. KDFJ Enterprises do not authorise derogatory judgements passed to the owners, staff and suppliers. No form of discrimination is allowed on our website and Social Media pages. We encourage people around the world to purchase Zoroastrian religious products. This website is not used to abuse, harass, stalk, defame, threaten, infringe or violate the rights of any party. Unlawful, fraudulent and posting people’s personal information is not acceptable on our website. There should be no spam or virus attacks transmitting on the website. There must be no impersonations of people and entities for the services provided by KDFJ Enterprises. We reserve the right to disable users and entities who violate the Terms and Conditions of this website. The two pillars KDFJ Enterprises supports are peace and harmony. We will not participate or agree with any criminal activities or those that bring disrepute to other people and entities.

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