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Welcome to the third Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In.

The Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In is to provide regular updates. Highlights and upcoming news are shared in the Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In.

We are excited to have launched Jari Topis in three different colours this month. The current selections of Jari Topis are Gold, Red and Silver. Jari designs provide an elegant look whilst connecting to our religious roots.

Zoroastrian Culture Shop acknowledges the patience shown by our customers to receive their orders. Please expect a delay in delivery times as the festive season commences.  

Visit our Shop today for exclusive products by clicking here. There have been some great leads coming in for more products. Please let us know if you have any queries.

Introducing more products and providing greater variety globally is important for the Zoroastrian Culture Shop. This is aligned with our vision and our worldwide accessibility, offers opportunities to purchase products from the comfort of your home.

Zoroastrian Culture Shop is developing “Welcoming 2021” exclusive range of products which is a positive step in the direction we are embarking on. Further information will be available soon and please watch the space!

We thank the Zarathushtrian Association of New Zealand (ZANZ) and Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe (ZTFE) for providing us an opportunity to promote our products. The blessings of Zoroastrians throughout the world keeps us progressing and we appreciate your support.

Please share our blog and it will be awesome to know your thoughts about our highlights of the month.

Be Kind and Stay Safe!

Jari Topi Launch Poster
Launching Jari Topis

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