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Welcome to the fifth Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In.

Zoroastrian Culture Shop has launched Khordeh Avesta prayer books. We have received feedback from our family who are requesting Khordeh Avesta in other languages. The languages requested include Persian (Farsi), Kurdish, Hindi and Portuguese. Please give us some time for Khordeh Avesta prayer books to be provided in different languages.  We will provide updates and would like more feedback from our family.

Books, Books and more Books!

“The First Navjote” is the first children’s book launched on our website. We want to spread joy, happiness and laughter amongst people with a light read. The stunning illustrations will keep everyone in the household engaged. “The First Navjote” is a story about two little princesses who are the fictional daughters of King Vishtaspa and Queen Hutaosa.

If there any specific books you would like, please let us know.

Zoroastrian Culture Shop has increased Social Media advertising efforts by posting on many Facebook pages. We appreciate the Admins of all Facebook pages enabling us to promote our products. Approval from Admins has increased public engagement levels and you have contributed to the on-going success of Zoroastrian Culture Shop. 

Thank you to the team at FEZANA for providing an opportunity for us to be featured February’s bulletin and Social Media Channels. FEZANA is one of the largest and unified Zoroastrians Associations in the world. FEZANA is exceptionally led well by Arzan Sam Wadia with a strong team to maintain its position as of one of the most prominent international Zoroastrian Associations. We have the pleasure of meeting FEZANA’s team and delegates during the 7th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress in Los Angeles.

Please share our blog and it will be awesome to know your thoughts about this month’s Check In.

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