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Welcome to the seventh Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In.

The Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In is to provide updates regularly. Highlights and upcoming news are shared in the Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In.

Happy Navrooz from the Zoroastrian Culture Shop. May our New Year bring good health, wealth, happiness and success in our lives.

Zoroastrian Culture Shop celebrated Navrooz in style with the release of Poster Frames and T-shirts. There are currently two Poster Frames available with Asho Zarathustra and Asho Farovahar. The T-Shirts are part of our “Proud Zoroastrian” range. There are currently four T-shirts available with King Cyrus the Great, King Darius the Great, Freddie Mercury and Parsi Roots. The designs make the perfect gift for your family and friends.

We are going to be expanding on the “Proud Zoroastrian” range by releasing new designs for you to wear and gift to your loved ones. A customised hoodie was made for one of our family members. The customised hoodie has an Asho Farovahar and a Silver Fern being an iconic New Zealand symbol.

Zarathushtrian Association of New Zealand (ZANZ) held an excellent Jashan for Navrooz. We have been one of the only countries in the world to have people attend a Jashan. A great turnout having been lucky to attend a Jashan after a long time.  A special acknowledgement to all global  Zoroastrian Associations who hosted Jashans through online multimedia platforms Live.

Zoroastrian Culture Shop is grateful to ZANZ for providing us an opportunity to display our products during the Jashan. We are committed to collaborating with global Zoroastrian Associations.

Zoroastrian Culture Shop has increased Social Media advertising efforts by posting on many Facebook pages. We appreciate the Admins of all Facebook pages enabling us to promote our products. Approval from Admins has increased public engagement levels and you have contributed to the on-going success of Zoroastrian Culture Shop.

Please share our blog and it will be awesome to know your thoughts about this month’s Check In.

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