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Welcome to the eleventh Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In.

The Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In is to provide updates regularly. Highlights and upcoming news are shared in the Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In.

We are passionate to collaborate with Zoroastrians to show our incredibly diverse abilities globally. Our gratitude to all people who have come on-board and are contributing to our success.

V4U in association with Zarathushtrian Association of New Zealand held the Dance 4 India event on 17 July. A successful event with a great turn out and a lot of entertainment throughout the evening.  Congratulations to Zarathushtrian Association of New Zealand for the Silver Jubilee. 25 wonderful years of supporting our community. A noble cause as with proceeds going to strengthen the work in the fight of the Coronavirus Pandemic in India. We thank Zarathushtrian Association of New Zealand and V4U Team for giving us an opportunity to display our products.

A Jashan was held to celebrate the 19th Anniversary of our Dar-e-Mehr in Auckland. There have been many memories and we are lucky to have a Dar-e-Mehr in Auckland. Thank you to the owners of our Dar-e-Mehr for providing an opportunity to show our products. A peaceful and harmonious Jashan with all Mobeds praying brilliantly. It is unfortunate that the owners were unable to attend the Jashan due to the current travel restrictions. Their lack of presence was felt as the celebrations were not the same without them. Blessings to the owners of the Dar-e-Mehr.     

Zoroastrian Culture Shop has increased Social Media advertising efforts by posting on many Facebook pages. We appreciate the Admins of all Facebook pages enabling us to promote our products. Approval from Admins has increased public engagement levels and you have contributed to the on-going success of Zoroastrian Culture Shop.

We are also preparing for our upcoming New Year and are launching a unique product that we are excited for. More information will be provided on the day of New Year. Please tune in for updates!  

Please share our blog and it will be awesome to know your thoughts about this month’s Check In.

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