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Welcome to the twenty-second Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In.

The Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In provides updates regularly. Highlights and upcoming news are shared in the Zoroastrian Culture Shop Check In.

Thank you to the Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York (ZAGNY) and Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) for an amazing Congress. Over 1200 people attending from all over the world for a much anticipated and exciting Congress.

Thank you to ZAGNY and FEZANA for giving Zoroastrian Culture Shop an opportunity to have our products displayed.

Support we received from all volunteers and attendees is appreciated. Grateful for the love everyone.

We are excited to launch the Agiary Frame that has been created by a talented young person from our community. Make a statement in any room as this illustration is available in different sizes. A perfect gift for your family and friends.

Please visit our Shop and brighten up your home and office. https://zoroastriancs.com/agiary-poster-frame/

Zoroastrian Culture Shop has increased Social Media advertising efforts by posting on many Facebook pages. We appreciate the Admins of all Facebook pages enabling us to promote our products. Approval from Admins has increased public engagement levels and you have all contributed to the ongoing success of the Zoroastrian Culture Shop.

Please let us know your thoughts about this blog and it will be awesome for you to share it.

Agiary Poster Frame 12 X 18
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