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Covid-19 Safety

Zoroastrian Culture Shop’s top priority is the well-being of our customers, suppliers, staff members of Courier companies and families. The safety of our people throughout the order fulfilment process is paramount. Our deliveries are done by trusted courier companies such as DHL and FedEx. Delivery handlers are using hand and scanner santization as often as necessary to safeguard people. DHL has established a Coronavirus Task Force for their staff to follow the protocols of official authorities. You can find out more information about the measures taken by DHL by clicking here.  FedEx is disinfecting their facilities more frequently and are also following the protocols of official authorities. FedEx is implementing temperature checking of staff members in certain high risk locations. You can find out more information about the measures taken by FedEx by clicking here. Zoroastrian Culture Shop is committed to working with our Delivery Providers, Regulatory Bodies and Health Officials guidelines to keep updated with the evolving nature of the pandemic globally.

The following strategies must be followed when receiving your orders:

  • Maintain social distancing with the relevant courier representatives during delivery.
  • Wear gloves and a mask when opening your orders.
  • Discard and dispose the external packaging when your orders arrive.
  • Discard and dispose the internal packaging when your orders arrive.
  • Dispose your gloves and wash your hands with hot soapy water after unpacking your orders.
  • The use of wet wipes for sanitation is to be used on certain products only.
  • All products that can be washed is to be done before first use.
  • Exercise good hygiene practices.

There are flexible contactless delivery options available for our customers. Please contact the local relevant courier company and quote your tracking number which are sent by email.

We request that you wash Sudrehs, Kustis and printed T-shirts immediately after opening the packages. Lightly wash the Topis immediately after opening. All products that are worn are to be washed first.  You can wear the Sudrehs, Kustis, printed T-shirts and Topis after the first wash. Diva Kakras and Dhoop Sticks are to be stored in separate containers. All products that are not worn are to be santised lightly using wet wipes. This includes Books, Poster Frames, Carpets and Torans should be sanitised using wet wipes. Products such as Carpets and Torans are delicate. Dispose the External and Internal packaging of all products received.

The protection of everyone involved becomes important to overcome the pandemic. These increased safety measures are there for people’s health. Please accept these measures and do not become negligent.  We appreciate the commitment of all front-line staff to keep us safe.

Please Stay Home, be safe and kind to all. Let us pray that we overcome this pandemic as soon as possible.

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