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KDFJ Enterprises (Trading As Zoroastrian Culture Shop) Privacy Policy indicates information that can be captured relating to people or entities. We collect necessary information required to ensure purchases are processed accordingly. All customers and stakeholders are informed of regular updates from KDFJ Enterprises.  KDFJ Enterprises complies with New Zealand’s Privacy Act 1993. We will take reasonable steps to keep personal information safe from loss, unauthorised activity or other misuse.  

Changes to this policy
KDFJ Enterprises reserves the right to update the Privacy Policy at any time. Updates made by regulatory bodies, legislations, changing global environments and all other aspects might result in amendments to the Privacy Policy. We want to maintain compliance with regulatory bodies, legislations, changing global environments and all other aspects.

KDFJ Enterprises collects information when:

  • People and business entities provide personal information. This includes our Feedback Form, Emails and on Social Media pages.

  • Marketing and promotional activities to ensure that rewards are handed to the intended people and business entities.
  • Third parties where KDFJ Enterprises have received authorisation or is publicly available.
  • Products ordered by customers and stakeholders are shipped to the correct destinations and intended recipients.

We collect information from customers and stakeholders who submit feedback on our website, by Emails and information published on Social Media pages. This enables KDFJ Enterprises to improve service delivery and build a community on Social Media. Please confirm by email to kdfjenterprises@gmail.com if you wish your contact details not to be stored. KDFJ Enterprises will verify the identity of people and entities to find out the amount of information stored. The same verification applies to people and entities who have requested for information not to be stored. These requests must be brought forward directly from the people or entities which KDFJ Enterprises store information about. For Power of Attorney, we require proof and permission. An example is “Entity A” cannot request information to be stored or removed about “Entity B”. Similarly, “Entity A” cannot request information to be stored or removed about “Entity B”.   

Using Personal Information
KDFJ Enterprises will use personal information relating to people or business entities for relevant purposes only. KDFJ Enterprises will ensure to achieve our operational and strategic objectives. We do not encourage creating and publishing content of people and business entities not related to KDFJ Enterprises. There will be instances where KDFJ Enterprises supports local and international Zoroastrian events. Information about them could be published by KDFJ Enterprises as we want our Zoroastrian community to strengthen. KDFJ Enterprises will ask permission from customers and stakeholders before including recommendations about our products and services.

KDFJ Enterprises will use personal information to:

  • Verify identities of people and business entities.
  • Resolve payment enquiries with Stripe who is our payment gateway provider.
  • Authorise and process Credit and Debit Card transactions.
  • Collect funds from the nominated Credit and Debit Cards and bank transfers.
  • Conduct assessments for the validity of the transactions.
  • Including Financial Institutions and Income Tax Departments enquiring about payments received.
  • Create and send promotional and marketing information.
  • Send information for new and existing product offers.
  • Enhance our services and products to all customers and stakeholders.
  • Respond to feedback sent on our website, Emails and our Social Media pages.
  • Safeguard our IT Infrastructure and maintain compliance with legal and other regulatory bodies.
  • Perform research and analytical information on how to effectively cater to our customers and stakeholders.
  • Receive photos sent by customers and stakeholders for quality checks.
  • Offer testimonials voluntarily to be published on the website conveying Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.

Disclosing Personal Information
Personal information will only be disclosed when permission is provided by customers and stakeholders. The grounds for the disclosure will be provided before personal information is shared.

KDFJ Enterprises may disclose personal information about customers and stakeholders to:

  • Stripe
  • NZ Courier Company.
  • Regulatory authorities.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Our suppliers.
  • People or entities who have authority to request personal information.
  • Any other person or entity authorised to be their spokesperson or Power of Attorney.
  • Credit Check agencies.
  • Other third parties to capture statistical information.

Accessing and Updating Information
Information for account holders can be updated once the login details are entered. Purchases made as Guest during checkout, results in re-entering information on subsequent purchases.

Customers and stakeholders can update information based on certain grounds set out in the New Zealand’s Privacy Act 1993. Account information can be removed and changed by users if they have their login details.

We encourage our customers and stakeholders to change information stored on their account by themselves. If KDFJ Enterprises receives requests to change information, we will respond with how this can be done on the website. We will need evidence from customers and stakeholders requesting changes to the information. Please include a clear description of yourself or business entity and the exact information to be updated. Kindly explain your relationship with the person or business entity and whether you have the authority to request changes to be made on their behalf. The requests must be sent to support@zoroastriancs.com

If KDFJ Enterprises believe corrections are reasonable and we are able to change the personal information, we will make the correction.  KDFJ Enterprises will take reasonable steps to note if the corrections cannot be made and any costs incurred.

KDFJ Enterprises may charge customers and stakeholders for providing copies of personal information or correcting that information. This will apply when information cannot be updated on user account details or external agencies are involved.

Purchasing Religious Products
KDFJ Enterprises will request the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name.
  • Company Name (if applicable).
  • Country / Region.
  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Full physical or PO Box Address.
  • Shipping Address.
  • Billing Address.
  • Special delivery instructions.
  • Payment Card details.
  • Whether permission is received to subscribe to marketing and promotional information.

Marketing and Promotions
KDFJ Enterprises will provide marketing information to promote our religious products by Emails or on Social Media pages. KDFJ Enterprises will ask permission from customers and stakeholders to send marketing and promotional information by emails. By subscribing to emails and Social Media websites, KDFJ Enterprises have received permission to send marketing and promotions. Customers and stakeholders can also opt-out from receiving marketing and promotions by emails. Social Media pages for KDFJ Enterprises can also be unsubscribed by customers and stakeholders. If you still receive them after unsubscribing, please email support@zoroastriancs.com. KDFJ Enterprises do not endorse sending unsolicited content not relevant to our core purpose. KDFJ Enterprises do not want to receive unsolicited and inappropriate content on our Feedback Form, Emails and on Social Media pages. KDFJ Enterprises will have rewards. KDFJ Enterprises will ask permission to declare prize winners prior to posting names by Emails and on Social Media pages. Prize winners may wish to remain anonymous and KDFJ Enterprises will oblige and not disclose names. KDFJ Enterprises will declare prize winners and country of residence.

KDFJ Enterprises must validate the authenticity of all transactions made on our website. This will minimise illicit and fraudulent payments made. Stripe is the payment gateway provider for KDFJ Enterprises. We might contact customers and stakeholders to enquire about the orders placed. KDFJ Enterprises will ask customers and stakeholders whether we can share information about the purchases made on our website. The information provided to Stripe, Financial Institutions and Regulatory Bodies is dependent on the details requested by them. The information could be regarding account set up and orders placed. However, it could be in addition to the information included in the account set up and orders placed. KDFJ Enterprises will ask which data is required to assess the validity of transactions to customers. This will be done before the information is supplied to Stripe, Financial Institutions and Regulatory Bodies.

If permission is granted, KDFJ Enterprises will collaborate with customers, stakeholders, Financial Institutions, Stripe and other Regulatory Bodies to verify transactions. Customers and stakeholders will receive regular updates. Stripe, Financial Institutions and Regulatory Bodies will receive full support from KDFJ Enterprises. Once we receive accurate information which meets our requirements and all respective organisations mentioned above, products will be packaged and shipped promptly.

If permission is not granted, no information will be shared to Stripe, Financial Institutions and Regulatory Bodies. Orders will not proceed, a refund will be provided to the same payment card details used to purchase our products.  





Internet Use
Customers and stakeholders accessing our website and features must comply with KDFJ Enterprises Terms and Conditions. KDFJ Enterprises reserves the right to disable accounts who do not comply with our Terms and Conditions.  We request that all customers and stakeholders have discretion in terms of the content sent by Feedback Form, Emails and on Social Media pages. KDFJ Enterprises does not endorse posting any personal or confidential information about yourself, family members, friends, companions, business entities, government agencies, Financial Institutions and other Regulatory Bodies.

Customers and stakeholders must acknowledge that information posted on our website and Social Media pages is publicly available. If personal information is published by customers or stakeholders which brings disrepute, KDFJ Enterprises will be obliged to take necessary steps.

We take reasonable steps to maintain secure internet connection. If customers and stakeholders provide KDFJ Enterprises personal information over the internet, it is at the risk of people sharing the content.

There are external links shown on this website. The owners of the external websites Privacy Policies are independent of KDFJ Enterprises. Our recommendation is to review their Privacy Policies before personal and confidential information is provided. Sharing personal and confidential information on external websites is at the risk of the people submitting it.

We use cookies to monitor the use of our website. Cookies can be disabled on your web browser. This may result in certain functionalities that cannot be navigated on our website.

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